The Morris Foundation K9 Cancer Walk

Morris Foundation K9 Cancer Walk
We supported the Morris Foundation K9 Cancer Walk last weekend.
Not only did we meet lots of new friends, we learned some very important tips to prevent canine cancer.
Although genes play a large part in canine cancer, environment has it's role too.
Here is a couple of ways to help your dog live a healthy and happy life.
1. Do not smoke around your dog.
The chemicals found in cigarette smoke have the potential to cloud your dogs lungs and effect their ability to breath properly.
Secondhand smoke can cause cancer just as effectively as smoking. 
2. Keep your dog away from artificial pesticides and herbicides on the grass and plants in your neighborhood.
If these toxic chemicals are used to kill plants & bugs, we cannot imagine the health hazard they impose on our dogs.
3. Limit your dog's water intake in painted ceramic food & water bowls.
The paints & dyes used to make these bowls have a very good chance of leaking into your dogs water or food.
Opt for a stainless steel option and change the water many times a day. 
4. Keep a dust free home and groom your dog frequently.
Dogs spend lots of time on the floor and can easily be exposed to harmful allergens in the air.
Gently brush your dogs fur daily to get rid of dust mites. Once a month use a natural Dog Shampoo to cleanse your dogs fur. 
For more information or to make a donation go to:
 Morris Foundation K9 Cancer Walk
February 03, 2014 by A L
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