Benefits Of Using Essential Oils Shampoo For Your Pet

Jake Dogtails Dog Shampoo

Essential oils are a gift from the earth.  

Many pet parents have discovered essential oils assist in relaxing and calming their dogs. 

The pure essential oils found in Dogtails Dog Shampoo promote a healthy coat and help soothe dogs itchy skin.

 Dogtails Dog Shampoo is made with sunflower seed oil thats packed with healthy fatty acids and Vitamin E., chamomile and rosemary oil is staple to stimulate and moisturize fur. Grapefruit oil helps in uplifting & invigorating skin while lime oil is a natural bacteria and antiseptic fighter. Aloe can help in the reduction of skin inflammation, skin irritation and itchiness. It also has amazing antibacterial properties, which can help soothe a whole host of the dog’s skin problems.

Try our Dogtails Dog Shampoo to bring your dog comfort during and after their next bath. 

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