How To Wash Your Dog with Dogtails Dog Shampoo



Giving your dog a bath can be an opportunity to bond and show you pet just how much you love them. Natural Dogtails Dog Shampoo is made with soothing essential oils which helps with dry or itchy fur and is suitable for all fur types.

You will want to start off by gently brushing out your dogs entire coat. This is the perfect time to inspect for ticks or sores that may need to be addressed by a vet. Gently rinse your dog with lukewarm water. Once the coat is entirely wet apply Dogtails Dog Shampoo. Starting at the head gently use thumbs and finger tips to get into rolls and deep into the coat paying special attention to areas that are prone to getting dirty like paws.

Avoid getting shampoo in your dogs eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Carefully wash the head and face with a damp moist cloth. Many dogs ears are prone to infection if too much water gets inside. You will want to only use a damp cloth to gently clean around the mouth and ear area.

Rinse your dog entirely until nothing but clear water runs from the coat. Shampoo residue can cause irritation following a bath. Once water runs off clear you will want to rinse the entire coat one last time.

Dry your dog with a soft Dogtails Plush Microfiber Towel by laying it across their back and gently patting dry making sure to pay attention to the ears. 


Reward your dog with a treat for being a good sport. You now have a happy and shiny dog that is ready to go out and play so you have to wash them again!


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Samson the Dog
To Samson, My Maltese.
Thank you, Samson. Thank you for saving me and bringing joy and happiness into my life. After the deaths of my dad, sister, and mother all approximately a year apart I just could not get out of the funk or depression I was in. I had a wonderful husband and 2 great kids, but I had spent a few years taking care of my loved ones and I was lost. We had a Shellie we lived dearly who was 15 years old and I decided we needed a new puppy in the house to help us when he had to say goodbye to Cheyenne, the Shellie. I think my husband was at a loss for me being so depressed, that he agreed. That's how we came to get Samson. He was such a fun puppy, very bold and defiant and loving. Even if I was down it was hard to walk in the house and not light up when I saw him! I can honestly say he got my mind off all the things that we're bringing me down and he truly saved my life! I love him dearly! A year later we found a soulmate for him and her name is Delilah! 
(Samsons Mom)
February 25, 2014 by A L


Our new adorable friend Jack-Jack is truly resilient.
He was rescued from a terrible puppy mill situation and later discovered he was blind. Not only is Jack-Jack blind he is a cancer survivor. Jack-Jack doesn't let these obstacles get in the way. He takes a paws to pavement approach to advocate puppy mill awareness and wears a pink tail to support cancer.
To support Jack-Jacks movement buy his favorite motto SUCK IT CANCER! apparel. 
To learn more about our hero visit:


Dogtails Dog cuddling in bed, Bernie Bloom


Mixed opinions swarm the dog world whether or not to sleep with your dog at night. So here is our take on the topic...

We think it's perfectly fine to sleep with your dog. In fact it's a nightly ritual in our house. Our dog makes us laugh when she crawls into bed with us and burrows in the covers. Having a warm dog at our feet reduces stress and makes us happy to drift off to sleep. 

Granted our dog is always clean, thanks to "Dogtails-Dog Shampoo"

EARTH DAY : We love taking care of the planet

Earth Day is just 10 days away but over here at Dogtails we like to celebrate Earth Month. Think of all the extra ways you can take care of our planet & reduce you and your dogs carbon footprint. 


dog in tote bag

A simple one is bringing reusable tote bags to the pet store, grocery store and farmers market. Dogtails essential tip: Leave your totes by the front door, in your bicycle basket or in the trunk of your car. You will never forget them again. 


April 11, 2013 by Ali Lazar



Dogtails Dog Birthday

Celebrate your dogs birthday with treats, bones, hats or a brand new bed. 

Your guaranteed to get lots of jumping, huffing and tail wagging!



Dogtails Bass Grooming Brush

Dogtails Essential Tips for Brushing your Dog

 ★ Brush your dog before a bath. Fur tangles more when it is wet. 

★Always brush down in the direction of your dogs fur growth with deep gentle strokes. 

★ Never brush skin which can cause irritation and pain. 

 ★ Keep your dog comfortable through the grooming process. They will be much more accepting and know what to expect. 

★ Reward your dog with a treat!

Express Bath: Easy as 1-2-3

Dogs Cuba and Havana taking a bath

1. Prep the bathroom with Dogtails Microfiber Towels & Dog Shampoo. Gently brush out any visible dirt and debris in fur. 

 2. Use lukewarm water and a plastic cup or shower nozzle (Make sure the tub isn't slippery). Massage a small amount of shampoo into your dog's fur staying away from the eyes and nose. 

3. Starting from the head to the tail carefully rinse shampoo completely out of fur. Towel dry by patting, avoid rubbing which tangles the fur. Give your dog a treat and relax together. 





One Dogs Trash Is Another Dogs Treasure

 Dogtails dog relaxing

 So often we purchase food & toys our dogs are just not into. Donate these gently used items to your local animal shelter.

 Dogs in need wish upon a star for fresh food and toys!

Welcome to Dogtails



Dogtails Dog in cowboy hat


Howdy, Welcome to Dogtails! We're so glad your here.

 Dogtails products are great for your dog's fur, mentality, and our Earth.

We hope you enjoy Dogtails as much as we do. 

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