Samson the Dog
To Samson, My Maltese.
Thank you, Samson. Thank you for saving me and bringing joy and happiness into my life. After the deaths of my dad, sister, and mother all approximately a year apart I just could not get out of the funk or depression I was in. I had a wonderful husband and 2 great kids, but I had spent a few years taking care of my loved ones and I was lost. We had a Shellie we lived dearly who was 15 years old and I decided we needed a new puppy in the house to help us when he had to say goodbye to Cheyenne, the Shellie. I think my husband was at a loss for me being so depressed, that he agreed. That's how we came to get Samson. He was such a fun puppy, very bold and defiant and loving. Even if I was down it was hard to walk in the house and not light up when I saw him! I can honestly say he got my mind off all the things that we're bringing me down and he truly saved my life! I love him dearly! A year later we found a soulmate for him and her name is Delilah! 
(Samsons Mom)
February 25, 2014 by A L