Our new friends Travis and Gus from @ifitwags

photo credit: @ifitwags
We wanted our new friends on Instagram Travis & Gus, two rescued German Shorthaired Pointers to try DOGTAILS DOG SHAMPOO and look what happened. The Pointer Brothers are known for balancing cool objects on their heads but this was beyond our imagination. Are you intrigued? Snatch up one of their 2014 CALENDARS, they make a lovely holiday gift. 

PureWow - "The Leash We Can Do"

PureWow featured Dogtails Dog Shampoo in "The Leash We Can Do - Ways To Make Your Pup's Life Better".  They called Dogtails, "The Aesop of the doggie hair-care world".   Take a peek below...


PureWow Dogtails Dog Shampoo feature