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Playing games with your dog is an essential component to your dogs happiness, vitality & wellbeing.

All good things attribute to exercising your dog from weight control to blissful sleep at night.

Some of our favorite games are hide & go seek and scavenger hunts with bones. 

How to Play:

In a confined and safe area hide your dogs favorite bones and let them run around and find them when you say "GO".
Dogs sniffers are pretty spot on - it's very fascinating to watch. 

 Another fun game is teaching your dog to stay while you go find a spot to hide. Let them run around and find you.

We've experienced lots of kisses when they finally discover your hiding spot.


Bonding with your dog brings an abundance of happiness to your life & theirs. 




SHHHH! Dog Massage in Progress


Dog getting Massage 

After a long day give your dog a relaxing massage. 

Start at the head and gently make your way down to the tail. Massage in the direction of your dogs fur. Ahhhhhh.....

(Animal massage can improve your pet's circulation, nerve function, and brain function.  Studies have also show that it lowers blood pressure and reduces the discomfort of joint arthritis, check with your vet for more information). 

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Howdy, Welcome to Dogtails! We're so glad your here.

 Dogtails products are great for your dog's fur, mentality, and our Earth.

We hope you enjoy Dogtails as much as we do. 

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