You love clean.  We too at Dogtails™ are obsessed with all things clean.  

Especially clean dogs.

Luxurious and environmentally conscious, Dogtails™ fuses the best of all things pure - sustainable packaging, recyclable bottles, not a trace of dyes, artificial fragrances or parabens just simple transparent ingredients.  

Clarifying and soothing, thanks to its genetic makeup of sunflower seed oil packed with vitamin E and fatty acids, rosemary oil to stimulate and moisturize fur, grapefruit oil to uplift & invigorate and lime oil a natural antiseptic and bacteria fighter. Dogtails™ simply takes care of dogs in the best possible natural way.  By treating your dog to this most delicious cocktail of clean, you’re also doing good for the earth by reducing your dogs carbon paw print.  

Philanthropy is at the top of our list.  For every purchase of “Dogtails-Dog Shampoo” a soft blanket is dropped off at a local animal shelter for dogs in need of warmth & comfort.



It all started while whirling through college at the well renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, when I rescued a little Dachshund from a Harlem animal shelter. I couldn't wait to take her home.  After signing her release forms, out walked the cutest dog I have ever seen. My eyes glazed over and I picked her up into the air and whispered to my new love "you will never feel this sad & dirty EVER again”.  The entire subway ride home I thought about giving her a warm bath and a fresh start. I pictured lots of suds and wrapping her up in a big fluffy towel (why I created the “Dogtails-Plush Microfiber Towel”).   Little did I know she would hide under the bed for the first night. Eventually she poked her head out and it wasn't long before I received one hundred licks on my lips (I counted each one) and furry paws around my neck. All I wanted was for my dog to be clean, comfortable, happy and healthy.  
Thus, Dogtails™ was bred.
After leaving the corporate fashion world in LA, where I for years, day in-and-day out juggled luxurious brands for fashion stylists and magazine editors, television shows and films.  I soon came to realize that lushness and comfort simply felt good.  With such an appreciation for all things supreme, I was drawn to sit alongside my handpicked chemist and calculate this flawless tonic for my Dachshund, and now for your precious dog.    

“Dogtails-Dog Shampoo” is so fresh and natural- you’ll be tempted to use it on your own hair and skin.