What are the benefits of using a natural shampoo for my dog?
It is essential to use a gentle dog shampoo with quality ingredients that improve your dogs health and wellbeing. Sulfates, dyes, fillers and synthetic fragrances cause eye and skin irritation. They also have the potential to strip away topical flea & tick medication.  Dogtails is against these harmful ingredients and refuses animal testing. 

How important is it to use a dog shampoo Made in the USA?
We want to know every ingredient that is put into Dogtails products therefore our exclusive formulas are handcrafted in a quality-controlled laboratory and manufactured in the USA. Dogtails products are formulated with your dog's health and happiness in mind. We are a tough crowd to please, but our dogs are our family. 

How often can I use "Dogtails-Dog Shampoo" on my dog?
We suggest bathing your dog with "Dogtails-Dog Shampoo" every couple of weeks in order to keep it's precious coat healthy. Our products are mild enough for more frequent use...if a grimy situation arises. Always consult your veterinarian with any concerns you may have with your dogs health & hygiene. 

Is it safe to use Dogtails-Dog Shampoo on my cat or other pets?
No. "Dogtails-Dog Shampoo" was formulated specifically for your dogs PH balance and sensitive skin. We do not suggest using "Dogtails-Dog Shampoo" on cats, horses or any other animals. 

Can I bathe my dog with Dogtails-Dog Shampoo after I apply flea/tick medicine?
It is recommended that you do not shampoo your dog for at least 48 hours after you have applied topical flea/tick medication. 

What is the difference between drying my dog with a regular cotton towel vs. a microfiber towel?
Drying your dog with a cotton towel can leave them with that “soggy wet dog” look. It can also lead to uncomfortable chills and shivers. Try our extraordinary soft "Dogtails- Plush Microfiber Towel". It soaks up 7 times more water than a regular cotton towel and cuts your drying time in half. We promise you will never look back. 

My dog is not a fan of being brushed. Anything I can do to turn that frown upside down?
Brushing your dog regularly helps avoid tangles and knots. Match your dog with the correct size bristle brush for ultimate comfort. Start with small gentle strokes down the fur without touching the skin. Never force brushing your dog. With light strokes it should feel like a massage. Reward your dog with treats, they deserve it. 

I am having issues with my online order - who do I contact?
If you have any questions or issues with your order, please email orders@dogtailsshop.com for help. We are here for you. 

I need to return my order, what should I do?
Dogtails= LOVE. If your not completely in LOVE with your order, return it for a refund less shipping costs. Email orders@dogtailsshop.com to process all returns within 30 days of purchase. 

Do you ship products internationally?
Yes. Please email orders@dogtailsshop.com with any international order questions.

What shipping options do you offer?
Free Shipping arrives in 7-10 business days. 
Standard Ground Shipping arrives in 7-10 business days. 
Priority Shipping arrives in 3-4 business days. 
Standard Ground Shipping arrives in 10-20 business days.
Please allow up to 2 business days for your Ground Shipping order to be shipped. Orders placed after 5pm (eastern daylight time) will be processed the following day. 
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